Registered Charity No: 873/2009

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Many - many thanks



To Mr.Chondronasios Petros for his continual professional support and the function of our new website.


To Mr.Foradis Antonios for his precious Law support that he provides to our Union, in order to realise our mission with success.


To Mr. Kokkonis Georgios for his offer in services and materials for the activities and the publishing of our Union.


To Mr. Spanos and Multimedia Center for the free offer of his services, which support the publicity of our Union.


Many many thanks to Zacharoula and Georgia Lagopatis for their support to the mission of our Union, by giving hospitality to all creatures of Leros and proving the adoptions through public relations and websites. As artist-phtographers prove the beauty of all puppies for a successful adoption!!


Many-many thanks to GAWF for the support of the activities and the mission of our Union for the welfare of animals.



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