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Success Stories!



Briza was found hungry, thirsty and sick, when she was a puppy. Our Union gave her all the vet-treatment and therapies that she needed. She was vaccinated, sterilized and was adopted by our friend Georgia. She lives happy and healthy with much-much love.


Charly was born in Leros from a home mother!!! As our friends Elizabeth and Harald were in Leros for vacations and they were looking for a puppy to adopt, they met him and loved him by the first sight. They adopted him when our members helped them to be in contact with the family. After all the vet-checking and all controls, he traveled to German and lives happy and healthy with his new family!!!


Nelly sister of Charly had the same story and she is so charm and beautiful she was adopted by very-very good friends of our friends in Germany!!! She lives happy and healthy in her new family!!!


Iggy was found with her sister, in a plastic-bag near the garbage, when she was 45 days old! Our Union gave all the nourishing, vet-treatment, therapies and vaccinations. Both sisters became famous in our website. Iggy was adopted by our friend Yannis and his family. She gives them love and happiness and they feel very lucky to have a creature like her!!!


Angie sister of Iggy had the same story. She had all treatment, therapies and vaccinations from our Union. Angie was adopted by our friend Stathis and his girl-friend, in order to live happy and healthy giving them great love!!!




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